GoTo Hub widget – a simple solution for searching bookable activities

At GoTo Hub, we have developed a widget feature to assist users search for bookable activities easily on partner sites that are connected to our Hub.

How will the widget help you?

Find accurate results
All our bookable activities have been pre-tagged with appropriate keywords. This ensures that the search results will give you precise results.

Save time
By using the widget, you will get clear-cut listings on the search results. Just type in, choose the activity, book the experience, and voila, you’re good to go!

Easily accessible
When you visit the partner website, no matter what page you are on, you’ll find the GoTo Hub widget placed at the bottom of the webpage. So even if you are scrolling through many web pages, at any point in time, you can click on the widget instantaneously and make a booking.

Not just for experiences
Apart from bookable activities, you can use the widget to find important landmarks, popular eateries, and rental providers in the area.

Get results instantly
Find what you are looking for with a click of a button without navigating through the entire webpage.

How does the widget work?

When you click on the widget, a search box pops up, where you can search for any of GoTo Hub’s travel and tourism products. The search results display content only from the GoTo Hub platform and not from the partner’s main site, making the results more relevant to the user’s needs.

Let’s say, for instance; you are looking for Northern Lights experiences; when you type in Northern Lights in the search box, you will be redirected to a page where you can find a list of Northern Lights activities that are associated with GoTo Hub. Choose one from the list and book the one that fits your individual requirements. You can also find landmarks, restaurants, and much more using this feature.

Where will you find the widget?

The widget will be placed on the bottom right corner of our partners’ pages, who have chosen to integrate our platform on their respective web pages.