Do you want to sell your local community’s tour activities at your hotel?

A catalogue of tours to choose from

When guests enquire about the tours available in the vicinity, you could offer them an array of interesting packages from our platform.

Creating contracts on your behalf

All the supplier contracts are handled by GoTo Hub as an all-inclusive service, you won’t have to deal with the tedious process of adding articles, sections, and clauses.

Receive commission for the tours sold

Every tour activity on our platform can be booked via your hotel. You will earn a commission for each booking too!

Booking site with your look and feel

Our platform can be incorporated to your system with your hotel’s look and feel. We can add your logo, preferred colour scheme, theme etc. as per your individual preference.In the hospitality industry, we know how important it is to treat your guests like royalty. While you take care of ensuring they have a great stay at your hotel, there are times when hotel staff are quizzed about some exciting things to do in the area, but they aren’t too sure about the options.This is where our collaboration can help. We can take care of the entire administration process, from contracts and payouts to offering customer service. Our tea can create a white label for your hotel, where you can choose what you’d like to present.There are two ways you can market our tours. You could place a tablet at your reception or concierge desk with our platform on it or send a pre-departure email with a list of tours available. Guests can make use of this to browse through a selection of activities, restaurants, and attractions in the vicinity.