About us

Creating the most authentic experience for the new age traveller

GoTo Hub is the brainchild of two Norwegian companies, Adlevo Tech from Tromsø and Zaui, an adventure-based company from Stavanger. Community-based tourism is the core component of our unique business model, as we firmly believe that the most authentic and inspiring holiday experiences are created and communicated by locals. 

Simplifying tourism with technology

Our main objective is to offer a simple, user-friendly platform for our clients so that they can market their packages and services efficiently without worrying about the nitty-gritty of operations and administration. Moreover, all the revenue generated from our hub doesn’t go out of the country, as our white label sales partners are locally based.

Meet the minds behind GoTo Hub

Our top management team comprises travel and tech experts with decades of experience in the tourism industry. We have carefully processed ideas after many brainstorming sessions to use our knowledge about local tourism to develop our business model into a unique product.

Management team

Meet the management team


Dan Granath


Christina Lynn

Head of Content

Milan Savaliya

Head of Engineering

Tomas Waling


Anita Reinsborg

Head of Sales

Henrik Witt Enblom